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All Comments

Why do so many guys care if a girl is shaved or not?
I've heard several of them say they will only date a girl if she is shaved. Since when did that matter?
i never thought it mattered either.
either way its still YOUR choice to shave or not

i stay shaved cause i like it that way not because its what the guys prefer
What goes through your mind when you see a girl with a shaved (or buzzed)head?
I've been thinking about growing my hair out really long and then shaving it off and donating it to Locks of Love. I saw a clip on the news about some guys who shaved their heads to make their classmate, a cancer patient, feel better about losing his hair. It really touched me because even some of the girls participated. Plus it would be really practical because hair is such a pain to take care of.

But I was just wondering what other people thought. What are your first impressions when you see a girl walking down the street with a shaved head? I'm curious because I don't know if I'd like being stared at everywhere I went. I've never seen a girl with her head shaved or buzzed really short, so I don't know if people stare or make comments or not.
Really, shaving and Locks for Love are two completely separate issues. If you let it grow long enough that the right amount (I think 6", but check) can be cut off, Locks for Love doesn't care how much is left on your head. My friend even got a free haircut from a local hair salon because she had enough hair to donate to LfL, and her hair was still shoulder length after the cut.

When I see men or women completely hairless, I always think it's chemo, as two of my friends went through that. So be prepared to get a lot of inappropriate pity.
What would happen if a girl shaved her face?
Would it start growing back darker/thicker/longer? Or would it just grow back normally? And no...I don't need to shave my face or want to try =] just wondering.
Nothing would happen. The hair doesn't grow back thicker or anything, and anyone who believes that is a moron.

Look it up - that doesn't happen.
Do guys like it better when a girl it shaved down there ?
Know Im not planning on shaving down there because of what guys think but Im sure every girl is wondering if there going to please the boys by shaving there ( pubic ) area or just annoy them a bit.
Guys love it. Well atleast the ones I've been with. It makes them more tempted to touch and feel or even eat you out. It brings alot more pleasure to the girl too cuz of the change in attitude in the guy.
Teen Girls/Women only: How should a teenage girl keep her pubic hair shaved?
I know it's an awkward question, but I was just wondering how other people keep theirs trimmed. Basically I want mine to look like everyone else's. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm serious, how should a 14 year old deal with their pubic hair. I know girls that shave it completely off, I'm not sure what I should do.
I really think you should shave it clean. I started shaving right when it started growing. Women shouldn't have hair down there; it's pretty gross.
This girl shaved my best friends head at a slumber party with an electric razor for a prank but i wasnt there?
this girl only invited her to shave her head and she did it out of spite. now shes bald and it was really mean. she cant afford a wig or anything but what should i do should i shave my head to to make her feel better or what? i wouldnt be able to afford a wig either....
Talk to her, it'll all be memories later anyway, lol, look forward to when you can laugh about it with her :)
Do you get turned off if a girl isn't fully shaved down there?
I don't really like to shave down there all the time because it takes a lot of time and is really uncomfriatble and prickly when it grows back. And I get razor burn sometimes. My boyfriend says that he doesn't care if I dont shave (I still keep it trimed though), but I'm really self conscience if I don't!

Guys, is it a turn off if your girl hasn't shaved? Does it really not matter or is my boyfriend just saying that to be nice?
Every man will have a different preference - if your boyfriend says he doesn't mind, then he doesn't mind - just continue to keep the area as neat as possible. The completely shaved look is such a turn on for men because they see it in porn, but what they don't realize is that the smooth look they like so much only looks like that when it's just been shaved, and it is a lot of maintenance to keep it smooth because the very next day there's already stubble.
What do guys think when they see a girl who hasn't shaved?
I was wondering, and i mean a high school girl, because i shave now but im getting tired of it and want to try waxing, but i will have to grow out my leg hair for that. i think ewww, what do guys think?
just wait for winter, that way you can get away with it by wearing jeans or tights all the time. and if you have to wear shorts or a skirt for some reason wear stockings underneath.
but in general, yeah its pretty unsightly seeing a girl with black hair on her legs. if it is a fair colour and not think, you may be able to get away with it.
Does anyone find a girl with a shaved head attractive? How long will my hair take to grow to a decent length?
Not being someone to do things by halves, I completely shaved my damaged hair off today. I don't have the thinnest face ever, so you can imagine that it makes me look rather fat. I'm not very happy with this.

But, does anyone find this attractive, or thing that I will look ok? And how long will it take to grow to a decent length (it was shoulder length before).

I am also worried that it will stick up as it is growing back and that it will look terrible when it reaches the 'in between length' (ie a couple of inches long). Will it still stick up when it reaches this length?

This will teach me to look after my hair in future.
My grandma lost her hair to chemo just 4 months ago. She is not the thinnest person in the world either, with a kind of square face. But she looked absolutely beautiful while she was bald. She said she might as well make the effort to draw SOME attention away from her bald head, so she wore glamorous make-up (done up to the nines, she called it), and fluttery scarves around her neck. Nothiing covering her bald head though.

And when her hair started growing back in, it looked and felt like velvet for the first month. And then by the end of the second month, she just looked like she got her hair cut that way (it was about an inch long by then). Now her hair is over 2 inches long, and she's threatening to shave it all off again! But her hair never stuck out straight and prickly like a hedgehog (although I've been threatening to gel it now to make her look like one).

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