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Why are school girls wearing nude sheer tights?
Since the guys in our road have gone back to school I notice that a lot of the girls have ditched their thick black opaques for sheer nude tights. I always wear sheer nude tights to work but what has caused this change in the female element of the younger generation and have the boys noticed?

because wen they were young and had no interest in boys they weren't trying to show off their legs as they were young now theyre a bit older more grown up probably going intosecondary school and want to have nice legs on show therfore the tights as there better than using fake tan b4 school
Do high school girls in the swim team shower nude?
I need this information for a story I am writing.
Only for some of the boys Sugar....!=) Some of us swim nude too!
Can I get someone in trouble if they have nude pictures of a nude girl from school?
This dude in my school has nude photos of a girl from school. And I really don't like this guy....Can I get him into trouble?
I wouldn't worry so much about the boy you don't care for. What I would do is let the Girl know about the pics and tell her he is showing them off. Tell her you will help her fix it if you can. Trying to get the boy in trouble could end up only hurting the young girl.
What do you think about under-aged girls posing semi-nude?
Here is the story that sparked this controversy in Korea, but it happens everywhere in the quest for ratings or selling stuff (CDs, clothes...)…
These controversies pop up in most countries. In 2008, in Australia, there was media outrage over a nude photograph on display in an art gallery. The photo was taken by a well known professional photographer and both the parents and the girl photographed loved the experience. The police confiscated that and a number of other photographs.

However, the reaction to this was so great that the authorities decided that the photos were not offensive or porn, no charges were laid and the photographs were returned for public display and sale. Common sense prevailed.

There is a marked difference between art and pornography and pedophilia is a perversion that should be stamped out. Unfortunately pedophiles will find any image of a guy to their liking. Guyren should be protected, but where there is informed consent, and the image is tasteful, then why should we be critical. Enjoy (in this case) her beauty.

Sex in advertising is another matter and the sexualisation of guyren is becoming more and more common, all to gain that advertising advantage. This beautiful Korean teenager is being sexulaised, but it is not just her who may be exploited, it is also all those other teen girls who try and emulate her actions, not understanding that this was all advertising make believe.

Naked in front of school girls and public and to become a nude model?
i am a school boy and i am a weight lifter.i had a nice athletic body.every day in my school after pe class i had to shower .and the showers were open such that they were visible outside.and at my time of showering only the girls who were cheer leadering come there and see me naked till i bath and there were two female pe teachers they also had seen me and some of them had taken my pics .one day evening after everything was closed i thought i was the last one and i had started to sweat and removed my underware then after some ten minutes some 10 girls and their female swimmin coach.they had seen me and as a punishment i had to be nude till they left and run 4 rounds around the pool and stand at the corner.they started laughing ,shouting and commented on my sizes.and again on one day in our school function we are performing i got the role of a cave man and many people parents news paper guys were there.i had to wear only an underware and in practice also.first i feared but i got used to it and thinking that the whole town sees my body.i had to wear an underware which is tight and contains thread around waist when i entered everyone stared at me and did not shout and in a scene i had to bend and when i did the threads gone and it fell down i was completely naked on parents, friends,teachers and news paper had seen me taken my photos and printed it on next the whole town had seen me nude.from first i thought of feared but i didnt i was very excited
and we are having vacations for a week and after that all of my school girls,my female teachers,my moms and sisters friends had become very close to me.i got many girl friends and i dated many of i got a chance to become a nude model can i become?
That kinds sucks man hope it Mom still looks at you the same. Good luck
Question for Girls on High School Swim Team?
I am an adult rec swimmer. When the high school girls teams is changing after practice some of the girls don't cover up and are comfortable showing their nude body to the girls on the other team. Obviously it is not in a sexual way, but when I was in high school the girls never did that. I was just wondering if it is normal now for high school girls swim teams to change without covering up or just covering the bottom.
On our High School team, the girls are really private and will cover up. The guys, on the other hand, are not shy. I feel as though it's ok for anybody to do whatever, but I would never do that.
How do my friends find pics of girls from school?
my friends didnt just take pictures of nude girls from my school and didnt get them from does a person just find a picture of a girl from the same school
facebook , myspace or maybe FAKE the pictures, or get their phones and send the images via bluetooth... i think you shouold check FACEBOOK 1st
My middle school in Texas required nude swimming?
My middle school in TX required nude swimming for male students.

Girls swam separately, in suits, of course, but they could oggle us thru the a hole in their locker room wall.

Was this a Texas thing in the 1960s, or was it more widespread?
Back in the early 60's and before it was common for guys to swim in the nude. Nobody made anything out of it. I was told that the pool filters used to get clogged with the material from the old swimming suits. It was common at the YMCA (which was for men only) and it was acceptable at Jr. High in Pennsylvania. We also were allowed to swim nude at a boys YMCA camp wear we had outdoor showers and changing rooms. Back then there was no talk about gays or molestation. I don't know what changed. Have be become more conservative?
Are guys shy about going nude like girls?
I'm a 16 year old girl and most girls my age are shy about going naked after swimming class at school. I'm not that shy but feel uncomfortable going nude cause no one else is. Are guys shy as well cause guys make fun of each other's dick size or don't they care and reveal all?
Yes, until they understand they can measure up to the next guy they remain shy.

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