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Do you think pink nipples are more feminine than brown or black?
I honestly am curious as to what your answer will be. I personally don't think that pink nipples are more feminine, and yes, I know this is a weird question but some guys seem to think that they are.

So, do you believe that pink nipples are more feminine (on women)?

And why or why not?
Well those guys are stupid.

Any color is absolutely fine.
How come some girls have pink nipples and others have brown?
Does it depend on your ethnicity? Like if you're white you have pink if you're black you have brown? Or does it only depend on your genes? What determines it? Most of my cousins have brown nipples and only a few of us have pink so yeah im just wondering why.........
I believe the most appropriate answer to be genes "mostly." Genes will give you a predisposition to color, but the environment in which you are raised and live (ie diet, climate, more specifically exposure to sunlight) will have an effect as well. However, do not place too much emphasis on outside sources of change. Your genetic disposition only allows for a certain degree of fluctuation.
Pink nipples.......................…
why do some women have pink but others dont? and why do i love pink nip ples? hehe
I think that nipples turn from pink to brown when the woman has given birth. Don't worry, you will find that any colour is acceptable if you are in the position to nibble them
How come Some girls have pink nipples and some have brown nipples?
What is the difference, What kind of girls have brown nipples and what kind has pink- i am very curious. I myself am a girl and i can never understand this!
lets just say it comes from your parent me being a bodiologist,(body doctor) there is no diffrence you just inherite it from your parents it does not mean or abnormal either way,most darker skin people you will have darker nipples but the accasional pink nipple.
and whiter skin humans usually have pink ones but its certainly does
not matter either colour hope i helped sweets.
How do you turn brown nipples into pink nipples on a 29 year old woman?
I heard in Taiwan they sell a cream that turn brown nipples into pink. Is that true? Is it safe?
I doubt its safe.. any time you change the color of your skin or body parts (nips), then it involves some kind or 1) dye or 2) bleaching/lightening.

Besides, brown nipples are fully natural and normal after having a guy.

Women who've never had a guy before and are of Caucasian race, generally have naturally pink nipples.

But ANYTIME a woman has a baby, her nipples turn brown -- regardless of her genes or race.

Its normal.. leave them alone and accept the joys of being a mother. =)

Good luck <3
Why are brown nipples seen as ugly a lot, and pink nipples better?
I know this is not an important subject but im curious. Most people find brown big nipples gross and the pink ones somewhat cuter.
Og is right, Men don't worry too much about nipple color, our argument is with breast size.
Am i pregnant if i get headaches, get a lot of period cramps and have pink nipples ?
Last month my period was on the 16th, it came a week early because i drank the morning after pill, my normal period is usually on the 21st. This month i had sex with a condom and he pulled out when he ejaculated but my period hasn't come on the 16th or 21st, i have had many period cramps and my boobs are sensitive and my nipples became lighter, almost like a pink colour. Am i pregnant or will my period still come?
that doesnt sound like pregnancy to me..maybe ur period is still to come..
Any reason other than pregnancy for large pink nipples?
my female cat has never had large nipples, for her entire life (4 years). when we noticed large pink nipples, we assumed she was pregnant. however, she just went into heat, so i'm guessing pregnancy is out of the question. (don't worry, we're planning on getting her spayed asap) but is there any reason other than pregnancy that her nipples would suddenly appear like this?
Cats are receptive in their heat cycle for about 4 - 10 days. Technically, she could become pregnant during the early part of this cycle and still behave as in heat, but after this 10 day period, if she is pregnant, she is no longer in heat.

What do you think about Pink nipples?
What do you think about Pink nipples?
Do you think pink nipples are better or worse then brown nipples, are the cute, gross? Do only redheads have pink nipples?
I think they look cute :) but maybe if you show me I can make a better call on it <<

Just joking xD yur good yur good

Dictated but not read,
Why are my cats nipples pink with white crust on them?
Ok, so my cats nipples are pretty pink and they have this like... i want to say white crust on them. Do you htink it might be milk?
I'm telling, Piper's mommy put lotion on her cats nipples!! Too funny!

Is you cat spayed? If not has she been in heat?
If she is pregnant its probably leaking milk as it comes in way before the babies arrive.

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