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Can you list me some Korean and Japanese sex comedy movie?
I wanted to watch more of korean and japanese sex comedy movie,i had watched some such as
sex is zero , my sassy girl , tale of the legendary libido.
can you list me anymore sex comedy movies?
Who slept with her asianmediawiki.com/Who_Slept_with…
Oh my God asianmediawiki.com/Oh!_My_God
there are some actors in those 2 movies that were in Sex is zero

And if you liked the main actor of A tale of legendary libido, you have to try his 2 faces of my girlfriend asianmediawiki.com/Two_Faces_of_M… and See you after school asianmediawiki.com/See_You_After_… they are hilarious.
Any japanese or korean movies with sex scenes?
i only watched a few and i have noticed that they never even have a normal french kiss! but i love these movies, but do u know why do they do so?? and also do you know any movies with kissing (normal kissing not lips just touching) and sex scene?
A classic Japanese movie based on a true story with graphic sex scenes is "In the Realm of the Senses" which is readily rentable. The graphic sex scenes [oral and coiltal] are not merely for the sake of sexual exploitation but are necessary to explain and elevate the plot. Unfortunately, the ending follows what happened to Mr. Bobbitt [sp?] in true life.

Has anyone watched the japanese movie "platonic sex"?
if so, toshi and the girl met by her jst texting a random number didnt they? i want to find my true love by doing this :( i just want to text a person and them reply without saying "whos this"
>if so, toshi and the girl met by her jst texting a random number didnt they?

So this is your question?

No, Toshi sent her an email by mistake, not random. Toshi gave text to a wrong address. It was hers.
What are some clean japanese movies?
I'll like to rent a few japanese movies, but I don't want anything with a lot of sex in it. Any suggestions?
The Great Yokai War.
The Bright Future.
Picture Bride.
Vital. (Tear Jerker, T.T)
Is it true that japanese men are small penis?
why most people in yahoo answer ask why japanese has small penis.....

if i judge maybe not but i saw japanese sex movie,all guy are small penis black pubic and very hairy.... im just asking im asian too but a fil-am, a half-blooded american
All Asian men including you have very small penis..iz . I'm sorry for the harsh truth, but it's nature's decision.
Looking for gay japanese movies/dramas/manga with subs?
I like anything with a decent sex scene. Id like either a way to stream the videos without having to download any tool bar crap or anything like that or downloads from free sites like megaupload or rapidshare etc. For the manga it doesnt really matter I like any kinds except angsty or violent ones i would love to see some j-rock doujinshi if you can spare some
Go to WWW.yaoi-haven.com
or www.yaoihaven.com and it'll be there
Scary Japanese Movies for High schoolers?
Stuff that isn't too violent or sexed up, please
Oh and it has to be in Japanese
It would be great if you could add some info about the movies you post
The Eye
One Missed Call

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