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Does Hot Topic sell fake lip rings and nose studs?
I used to have a lip ring and nose stud, and both looked awesome, but my high school said I would be suspended and not graduate if I wore them to school. The holes ended up closing up because of this. I'm in college now and can get them re-pierced, but I'm not allowed to wear them to work and my boyfriend isn't the biggest fan of them, so I was wondering if Hot Topic sold fake ones. Does anybody know?
I think so. I know all of the HT's in northern NJ do. They are magnetic, at least the lip ones, so you have a piece on the inside of your mouth as well. not sure how a fake nose stud would work, but I am sure you can find them somewhere. You can also buy the seamless hoops and they will stay in place for awhile. I had my lip and nose pierced as well, just took them out after about 6 years.
Just curious, why do you want fake ones? You can also get them repierced and put in glass retainers for work, your boyfriend would have to deal haha. The retainers are barely noticable (if you get the glass ones, not acrylic...the acrylic ones suck).
Men who went from "Hot Stud" in h.s. and college, to middle-aged, bald and fat. Does your confidence stay?
What does it feel like to go from hot stud to middle aged, fat and slightly bald...
I'm not being mean... I'm just wondering who's "inside".
Is it still the young stud with all the cofidence? Or is the person inside bald and fat now...?
Your body moved on... did your mind follow?

I guess the same applies to "hot babe" to "middle aged soccer mom". Who's inside?
I was....and I mean was lol a track star....played every sport there was and excelled in them all...and had No problem getting a date.
Now...older.....a little over weight.....yes starting to get a bald spot....hey grass don't grow on a busy street ya know lol....but I am still confident. I guess its because I know what I was....and yes sometimes my mind writes a cheque that my body cant cash....but what the hell lol
I still have this bad habit of defending women....if wife and I are somewhere and I see someone not treating a lady pushing her or hitting her...and it has happened a couple of times....I will react....and not in a nice way. That's when I can feel me old body sayin....Ummm....hey you....WHAT THE HELL are you doing! lol
But so far so good....I think its all how you feel about yourself....but I guess one day my mind and body will be on the same track...till then.....Lets rock! LOL
Guess that's why I love that song...I am not as good as I once was....but I am as good once as I was. *G*
I saw Katy Perry and Russell Brand on my trip to LA?
I was at a restaurant and happened to look up and there they were. I noticed katy was wearing some sexy heels that were showing off her beautiful feet and pedicure. I took a candid video of her feet with my cellphone. That man Russell is a lucky fellow! I don't know what she sees in him though, he is ugly. She should date me, a hot young college stud!
Congratulations, then. but i hope your'e really attracted at her not on her feet. lol. guyding.

anyway, i agree that russell brand is not that good looking but i know he will be a good husband at her
POLL : why are teenage girls really into JUSTIN BIEBER ?
He is neither hot like a college stud ( taylor lautners or Robert pattinson ) , his music sucks , he cannot sing , cant write his music nor can play anything
So why oh why are these teenage girls liking him ?
Even i look better than that ugly s***k
So are teenage girls really so stupid ?
Its not a generalisation but a question to those who like him and those who know my answer...

Be polite
because most teens like wats new and have phases. most ppl who liked him when he first came out dnt like him anymore- we go through phases
What are my chances of getting into college if i have a suspension?
I'm a senior in high school and I'm about to start my college application process. My school doesn't allow facial percings, but I have a lip ring. Usually at school I put a stud in and no one really notices so I havn't gotten in trouble. I went to a school dance with a lip ring and it was on a boat, and I didn't want to take it out. I couldn't get off the boat or anything and the ring isn't healed, so I kept it in. The principal suspended me for that. My GPA isn't very hot, but it is above a 3.2. Do you think this would really mess up my chances of getting into college? I really want to go to Loyola Marymount in LA.
No, I really don't think it would mess up your chances. If disciplinary issues come up in the application process, they give guys a chance to explain it.

If colleges even care, they should be aware of the irrelevant reasons guys get suspended nowadays (take yourself, for example) and would probably be dumb to reject guys on those grounds alone.
Help. Banging my mates college girl daughter , shall i tell him?
Heres the thing. I'm a 54yr old male. I've not married, my idea is theres too much to be had out there to tie oneself down to one bird. I'm a bit of a stud among my male friends, but i'm a bit concerned about this. My best mate of 30yrs has a hot college daughter - 21yrs old. Shes in her 2nd yr of med school 2 hours drive from here. Basically i had to go up to do some DIY on the apartment her dad bought her....and I ended up doing more for his princess than handling tools. Shes a bloody rabbit and i'd say has been banged more times than a taxi door but my mate insists shes the apple of his eye and can do no wrong. This past 4 weeks i've been servicing her regularly and beleive me, with a vixen like this, it takes all my energy. The lads are all wondering why i'm away most weekends. They think i'm out doing my alley cat routine, prowling for easy toosh, so i cannot say anything. Now this vixens gone all mushy and clingy and i'm afraid it will explode...i've exploded with her a few times (if you know what i mean) but i dont want to lose my mate. How do i handle this?
break it off you are going to get caught girls are shady like that
Help me guys pleaseeeeeeeee?
how 2 improve my looks???

my gf dumped me..for a hot stud in college..tell me sumthing i can do 2 improve my looks(i knw it sounds a bit shallow.but still)

i am tired of being so plain looking…
grow some balls and move on...
Is being popular the key to getting hot girls?
Do all popular guys get dates easily? Or it is the other way around?
Hey guys,

First off, thanx for taking time to read and answer my question.

So I have been noticing this for quite some time. Does being popular around school really help a lot in getting dates?

My story... I am Senior @ Highschool. I am also very popular. Hangout with all the popular guys on my school. I get tons of compliments, Girls (Hot girls too) call me "hot, stud-muffin" etc. Some even sometimes pull my shirt to see my six pack (its not that great too) but back to topic.

I am quite nice guy too, not cocky, funny, everyone loves me too for those personality traits. I am on varsity soccer team. One of the top players (striker).

Despite having all these things, I still DON'T GET ANY DATES!!! Yeah that's right. I have all the good traits, confidence, physic, popular but I still don't get any dates. Why do you guys think that is.

The hottest of the girls scream my name when they see me in hallway etc, hug me and all that but that's it. Couple times they give me their #, and asks me to call them for hanging out, but when I do they don't pick up and next day almost cry to me and say "I am so so sorry...I was busy, lets do it some other time."

I have noticed that in school too, that some of the most popular guys have tons of girls around them but NO GIRLFRIEND.

Now my question guys and girls, is it true in your schools too or even colleges?

Do popular guys get many dates? Or it is visa-versa?

What could be the reason for my lack in dates?

P.S. I AM VERY SORRY, if I sounded cocky or such in my wordings, talking about myself. I am humble, I just wrote all those things to get my point across, though it is all 100% TRUE. So sorry once again.

I hope all you guys answer this!
36 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer.
Additional Details
26 minutes ago

Hi, thanx like I said couple times I tryed calling them to get a date, and they did not pick up so I got disheartened.

What is the reason they ask me to hang with them and they are the ones who CANCEL plans minutes before the date time???
Well, life's not a high school movie.
Girls might be a little afraid to go out with you cause you're so popular.
They kinda lose their own identity when they go out with "jocks".
They become "the quarterback's girlfriend" or something.
But they're mostly afraid that their boyfriend will stray since so many girls flirt with him.

I personally don't like the popular guys.
It's not they're not nice, it's just the responsibility that comes with it.
All the rumors and stare and most importantly, I'll lose my identity.
I'll just be "his girlfriend".
I like the shy, quiet kind of guys.
But that's just me.

You sound really nice, try asking one of the less popular girls out and see how she reacts. Make sure you kind of like her and don't use her as an experiment.
There's always that really shy girl out there that admires people like you from afar. ;)
Teens: Should I go talk to him?
My friend messaged me the other day saying "Guess who goes to my college?!?!"
The hot baseball stud from high school.

She told me I can go up and stay with her for 2 nights. Wednesday to Friday.

While I am there should I go talk to him?
Definitely. Flirt it up girlfriend (it's what girls do best ;])!

-Hope this helps :]
Are some girls over rated?
well i wanted to ask this question..i have seen super hot girls(some in terms of body,some in terms of personality,some having both looks and personality) date dumb guys...either the guys they roam around with are dumb,stupid,airheads or ugly(NO offense..i myself am not a handsome guy,,in fact u can call me ugly as well)....

but what i find surprising is that though there are many hot guys in the college...these hot guys are either single or move around with average looking gals as dates.....

of course sometimes the hot gals do get studs...but i have observed majority of times the hot chicks always roam around with guys who are much below their class..have you guys seen it 2???

so that brings my question...are these gals overrated??? considering their choice is such???...
Mmmmmm, interesting question. Well, i would never want to seem superficial or up myself or anything like that but I am what a lot of guys would call a 'hot' chick and am fairly lucky in the looks department. Your question is one i have thought about many times, but with guys with 'ugly' girls. Most people find me really attractive, so I guess the answer to your question is it varies for individuals and their choices. What one person may find 'hot' might be 'ugly' to another. This is an example with a guy who really liked one of my friends who most people considered fugly and chose her over another one of my friends, one of the most beautiful girls in the suburb!!

Also, another girls who are over 'playas' and 'hotties' tend to go for the cuter on the inside, sweet, average-looking good guys if they've had experiences with the rebels and tough hotties i hope i helped :) kiara

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