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What causes extreme teen rebellion?
to the point where a teen boy of 16 skips school, won't wear his retainer, won't clean up after himself, won't do simple household chores like feed pets, sometimes ignores parent when spoken to,but otherwise will engage parent in conversation.
Hormones are out of control and makes brain Function difficult.
Is there sth to do to a teen with extreme emotional coldness, is he a bad person?
My brother who is 17 has an extreme emotional coldness and such a low capacity to show emotions he's like a robot and really scares us. He's due to attend a psychologist soon and want to know if he will ever change, and if he's a bad person. I even try to not talk to him, he makes me feel uncomfortable.

Thanks and sorry for mistakes, I don't speak English, just write.
No, im extremely cold and struggly to show any sort of emotions. But im not a bad person, Im loyal and resiliant and know right from wrong and will work towards ensuring that the right thing is always done, even if I cannot show why emotionally.

But you do need to socialise with him, if you dont, how can he ever show any sort of emotion if you dont give him a chance? Be patient.
Where can I buy the book "Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart"?
Can I get it anywhere except amazon or ebay? Like is there any stores that I can get it at?

Thanks for all the advice/suggestions!

heres the site you will get the full book with all the stories if you buy the collectible and its cheap 12.99
What's with this insipid EXTREME TEEN religious propaganda?
Do those silly fundies really think we are so shallow as to be interested in anything with the word EXTREME!!!! in the title and a a picture of a skateboarder on it? Seriously this crap is getting on my nerves.
hahaha... they should watch out. I didn't know what you were talking about and googled <extreme teen> and the sponsered link was <Extreme Hardcore Porn>

Yeesh. Do they actually suceed with these programs?
Teen suffering from extreme weight problems?
I am a female 5'6 age 14 and weigh 166 pounds. I have 40% body fat as my doctor has told me to lose 40 pounds. Can anyone give any eating tips and maybe how many calories I should burn at the gym.
You should try the ideal protein diet


It works wonders!
EXTREME teen club!?
Uhmm.. there is this teen club called Extreme..
i need details about it like how old you have to be where it is do they hav a website.. & what do you do there does it cost any money please help me cause im planing to go this summer!

couldnt find it on any search engines...sorry
Can anyone help? Is there anyone out there that has a "Extreme Teen Study Bible" to give Away to a Guy?
Hello I Am needing to Find our little Girl a Extreme Teen Study Bible
"No fear" is there anyone out there that has one you would be willing to give our little Girl?she Just asked me this Morning as we where having Bible Study she saw it on line Shes Eight:) we are very Proud of her for sure and yes she can Read that well and the Extreme Teen Study Bible will help her a lot to understand yes we could buy one but it will be a while is there anyone out there that could help ? Thank you God Bless Chakorismom
try christianbook.com
im using an adult one
How can I get a flat stomach in a month minimum? I am only a teen so i cant do the extreme stuff.?
I really want a flat tummy. with some toned abs. But I am sort of not even close. Can I do this in a month to two months?
hard work
I would like to know if extreme home make over can give me an idea for a teen girl bedroom with round bed?
bedroom painting will be rainbow colors. 2 big wall different color and a small closet wall another.
No they cannot. Remember this is a TV program. they have no sense of reality. there cost and times are not real . do not bother

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