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Hero honda hunk colour?
i am was planning 2 buy the black hunk but recently i saw the ebony grey colour hunk on youtube and i am impress by it..i want to knw if anybody has the grey hunk..and what do they think about it..is it better than black..??
no, hunk is better in a black
Which colour to choose in hero honda hunk ?
i am goin to buy the hunk but i am confused which colour is better..
EBONY GREY or BLACK...please help..which is better looking colour..???
Two of my least favorite colors.
Sad you are letting total strangers do the thinking for you instead of deciding on your own.
But, since you asked, go with the grey. Unlike black, grey shows dirt and dust the least. But beware, grey is the slowest color, red being the fastest.
Good Luck
Homework help please...word origins......?
ok i have been given a homework of word origins and have been researching but i keep getting diffderent answers and more than 1 word has same origin although there should only be 1 per word here is the list please give as many or all origins thanks best answer to best answer lol

1. Anorak
2. Bungalow
3. Commando
4. drip

i know theres alot but everyone please try their best.

1. Anorak - Aluet
2. Bungalow - British India
3. Commando - Portuguese
4. drip - Scandinavian
5.ebony - Ancient Egyptian
6.futon - Japanese
7.gerbil - Mongolian
8.hunk - Dutch
9.inch - Latin
10.jumbo - Italian
11.kebab - Armenian
12.lemon - Spanish
13.messiah - Hebrew
14.nirvana - Sanskrit
15.opera - Italian
16.paio - Spanish
17.quinine - Peruvian Indian
18.robot - Czech, Slovak, and Polish
19.sauna - Finnish
20.typhoon - Chinese
21.ukulele - Polynesian
22.veranda - Hindi
23.walrus - Dutch
24.xylophone - Greek
25.yacht - Dutch
26.zombie - African (Bantu)

Pick me as your top answer!
I had to work hard for all that... :)

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